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Emerging industries and interregional cooperation

The development of emerging industries is often driven by cross-cutting technologies, creativity and service innovation, and societal challenges such as the need for eco-innovative and resource-efficient solutions. As emerging industries are frequently characterised by high growth rates and further market potential, they hold the key to future competitiveness and prosperity. Their development can particularly benefit from the collaborative opportunities provided by clustering.

There are a number of initiatives at EU level that support clusters in the emerging industries:


On-going initiatives (click on the button for details):


  • This action started in 2015 with a budget of €24.9 million. As a result of the 2015 call , six INNOSUP-1-2015 projects received funding. The 2016 call  has a budget of €15 million and 3 projects were funded, while in the call for 2017 four projects were selected, representing a total budget of €19.3 million.


Previous initiatives: