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Welcome to the place where we capture special moments from the dynamic life of ECCP: the interactions with participants at our cluster matchmaking events, a dedicated corner where you can see the echo ECCP has in the external media and, but not least, our "hall of fame" hosting the success stories from our community.

The main asset of a cluster organisation: its people. Do you want to know more what people say about ECCP? While they meet and explore cooperation opportunities during cluster matchmaking events organised by the ECCP? Maybe you want to see what the community says about our activities? Or simply look at the exposure ECCP got on external media? Just click on the button of your interest!

Each cluster organisation has a success story, something achieved through hard work and dedication that makes the people behind it proud of their efforts. This is the place to share your good experience that can serve as inspiration or guidance for cluster peers. And why not – simply show the whole world what you are good at!